South African artist Gary Bruce Smith works in pastel, oil and acrylic, as well as producing sculpture in ciment fondu, steel and fibre glass. Besides absorbing inspiration from contemporary art history, Gary's works have their source in revelations from the mystics like Meister Eckhardt and from Zen Buddhism, Shamanism and Western Philosophers, particularly Martin Heidegger. Gary is currently working on a series of paintings that incorporate sculptural forms. He is also reading for his PhD on The Dark Gods. He runs a permanent gallery as part of his studio in Port Alfred (Eastern Cape, South Africa) and gives private art tuition in painting and sculpture.

Post-Secular Art
Gary has assimilated his inspiration to produce what he terms Post-Secular art. Essentially he works from the conviction that the contemporary world has lost its experiental contact with reality.The term Post-Secular refers to the direction that new consciousness, art and world culture as a whole, is attempting to move towards. The Post-Secular Age poses the greatest challenge that art has ever encountered. Lost between the modern and what-is-to-come, art has the full responsibility of developing new modes of consciousness.

Gary has taken part in numerous group and one-man exhibitions in South Africa.
* Observatory Gallery
* Sand du Plessis Theatre
* Free State Technikon (South African Arts Association)
* Volkskas Atelier
* Oliewenhuis Gallery
* Numerous private venues

The artist undertakes commissions within the parameters of his style. Contact Gary to discuss your particular requirements--fine art for home, office or corporation. We ship art pieces worldwide.
Tel/Fax: + 27 (0) 46 624-2793
Cell: 072 348 4641
P. O. Box 2720, Port Alfred 6170 EC South Africa
Email Theresa for assistance.